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Fanclub Special - The War of The Worlds Flash Widget!

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Get the flash widget on your social networks and share The War of The Worlds with your friends!

Hear the Martians from within their Fighting Machines exalt "ULLA", while Richard Burton as The Journalist, tells us of the unfolding invasion. Firing Heat Rays at everything in its path, the Martian Fighting Machine will stand watch as the story unfolds...


* Regular news updates!
* Brand new video content!
* Classic music and brand new remixes!
* A collection of free giveaways for you our dedicated fans to enjoy!
* First access to new merchandise through the store, exclusive
* Competitions to win tickets and meet the cast
* Plus the exclusive fan club benefit of access to tickets first!

Tickets for the 2009 Tour will go on-sale to those registered with the fan club for an exclusive pre-sale BETWEEN September 30th AND October 2nd.

Once you have registered we will send you an email reminder on the morning of the 30th SEPTEMBER with a link to the special page where you can get advance access to the best seats in the house!

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