The War of The Worlds
No one would have believed...



This evening, a large cylindrical object landed on Horsell Common, Surrey, leaving a huge crater in the middle of it.

One witness, a local from Woking, who saw the air-borne object, told Wayne's News: “I was looking out of my window, and thought it was just an ordinary falling star. But as it got closer, I noticed it was drawing a green mist behind it!”

At five-thirty, it was reported that the unidentified flying object had crash-landed, destroying much of the Common's heathland and neighbouring trees. Described as being thirty yards across, glowing hot, and some reports have even implied there were faint sounds of movement coming from within it.

In the last few weeks, there have been many accounts of unidentified flying objects from all across the globe, including a series of large balloons which have subsequently been shot down by the US government. Could this cylinder be a top-secret surveillance technology currently in development, or are we looking at something 'other-worldly'?

We asked Professor Ogilvy, the leading astronomer at Ottershaw's Observatory, whether he believed this cylinder could have come from another planet, perhaps even Mars.

The astronomer assured Wayne's News that the threat of alien life was merely a fantasy, and that we weren't in any danger: "It’s very unlikely that evolution has taken the same direction on two adjacent planets. Additionally, Mars is a remote forbidding planet; no living thing would be able to thrive upon it. No, the chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one," he said.

It seems that the UK Government is now also echoing Professor Ogilvy’s sentiment. They have put out a press release asking the population to remain calm and to avoid the area of Horsell Common until a full investigation has been completed.

Although the statements from industry experts and the UK government are reassuring, Wayne's News isn't so sure.

Perhaps the future belongs not to us - but to the Martians?

George Herbert for Wayne’s News